This link will feature quotes from Janise's book "Spiritual Vitamins" the one a day thought to feed your mind, strengthen your heart, and nourish your soul.

Within each of us is something guiding us to do the right thing, be at the right place at the right time.  Some call this God others call it their Higher Self or their Best Self.  Whatever you call it, it is the perfect part of us which we strive to be in the world.   If we sit still long enough we can hear this self guiding us in life and in all we do.

The quotes here are just a few taken from her Spiritual Vitamins book of one a day thoughts.



" Every detail of your physical body and mental body was designed for you to fulfill your ultimate destiny. What you see as a so called flaw or weakness was given to you for a reason that shall one day be realized. Trust there is a purpose. As a perfect God,  God can only create perfection.  You are Perfect!  You have all the tools necessary to fulfill your every dream and desire. Have faith in the choices God made when he was lovingly creating you. Have faith in yourself and love yourself as God does."



" Let go of all excuses. You are whole and you are enough exactly as you are now for this very moment. This is not to say you will not grow and change. As you graduate from one moment to the next, so will your being so that you are whole for each moment to come."



" With every new thought and the dawn of every day, your being changes and is re-birthed.  Just by changing how you think changes who you are.  You are renewed by the renewing of your mind.  Celebrate your re-birthday everyday and see the re-birthing of others so you do not get stuck in seeing who they were, rather than who they are right now."



" When you see what you think are flaws in others, Stop! Do not criticize or judge.... Instead count your blessings and all that you are grateful for."


1999  Copyright Janise Anthony | All rights reserved