As a professional athlete, you can acquire the competitive edge by making subtle adjustments in your sport rituals. This program is designed for any athlete that wants to excel in his or her sport by fine tuning all aspects of their training, nutritional regimen, and their mental game.

In order to excel in your sport, total body/mind health must be evaluated and corrected in areas of weakness. Many athletes lack the competitive edge because they lack proper body/mind education, information and therapy. Using cutting edge, alternative and ancient therapies proven over thousands of years, combined with your current training and sport rituals, you'll develop strategies to enhance your athletic performance and to maximize your potential to reach your personal best or the competitive edge.

It is recommended that the professional athlete engage in this training either pre pre-season camp or even more effective, post season which is best in order to completely integrate all new strategies to become second nature by giving your body time to adapt, evolve and transform into a finely tuned body/mind machine.

Here is what you will experience and gain in the 7 day training and tune up: (click here for details)

Upon completion of your training and tune up you will receive your own personal reference guide and manual with charts, diagrams, your personal nutritional program, vitamin and supplement prescriptions and other support materials. Janise will also be available for free follow up consultation for continual support concerning your new health program.


SPONSORED BY: This program has be suspended until further notice as of June 2015,

 M.T., A.K., C.A, NAC, C.F.I., B.F.T

Email: janise@SportsHealth4U.com

"In order for me to accept you as my client, it is my requirement that anyone wishing to embark in this program commit 100% . I require clients to be open minded, as well as being ready to play full out with any unorthodox therapy treatments necessary in order to obtain the pre-set goals.

I only wish to work with clients who are serious about getting results!

Know that successful people do what unsuccessful people don't do. What are you willing to do to become the best you can be? The best can always get better.

This program is what can take you from being just a "Star" to being a "SuperStar" and a "Champion".

I look forward to serving you, working together as a team to reach your personal health and fitness goals and life dreams."





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