Here is what you will experience and gain in a 7 day training and tune up intensive.
For California residents this may be spread over time.

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Evaluate body mechanics and gait.
Interpret body psychology with postural photos and video before and afters.
Discover and correct improper training habits.
Realign body adaptations for maximum athletic performance.
Condition governing muscles for your sport with exercise, stretching, breathing.
Learn strategies to rapidly build lean muscle mass and then more importantly how to condition this new muscle to accommodate your sports reflex time & speed requirements.
Learn and experience the fundamentals of the daily practice of yoga and how breathing and stretching can facilitate and enhance overall health and athletic performance for both body and mind balancing.


Discover your unique body type and learn what foods enhance your performance while keeping overall health & balance.
Learn how and when to properly fuel your body to build lean muscle mass, to burn fat and to have steady high energy for maximum performance.
Receive a personal body composition analysis to discover & correct area in need of refinement.
Design a nutritional program to support your sport and lifestyle.
Gain knowledge in food education and the importance of fueling your body machine with real, whole, clean, fresh foods.
Learn how to read labels of ingredients on processed sports bars, drinks, shakes and formulas to prevent clogging your body with toxic ingredients and to select the best non-food fuel for your body ( these products are not recommended, as they are not the highest quality fuel source).
Learn how to eat out and eat right and still support your sport health goals.


Learn to get into the mental zone w/ Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC).
Increase mental focus, concentration, motivation and confidence.
Break undesired athletic performance responses (bad habits) and program and condition desired athletic performance responses.
Discover your personal strategies for consistent peak performance, both conscious and unconscious and learn how to use them on command.
Learn to meditate and visualize your goals to manifest success.

(AK) &

Experience 2 to 3 body therapy sessions per day to tune up and advance your body/mind machine.
Release and balance body misalignments with Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release massages.
Detoxify body from long holding toxins and metabolic waste with Lymphatic Massage.
Break down old scar tissue from past injuries and over training, which may be limiting range of motion and flexibility that can inhibit max performance with Myofascial Release and Cross-Fiber Friction.
Learn how to self massage to flush out lactic acid and toxins from training and to accelerate recovery time.
Unblock and balance electro-magnetic energies to reach optimal muscle reflex and response time with A.K. (Applied Kinesiology).
Muscle reflex test with A.K. to release emotions that may impair concentration, focus and overall performance.
Experience food intolerance muscle testing (AK) to discover which foods enhance or inhibit muscle reflex time, performance, precision, concentration, and focus.
Find out your body's vitamin and mineral deficiencies or toxicity with muscle reflex testing (AK) so that you can accurately supplement with vitamins.
Learn self massage points (neuro-lymphatic points or go points) to enhance athletic performance before, during, and after competition to rid of fatigue and gain a second wind with just 20 to 30 seconds of stimulation.


Discover the power of herbs to support maximum performance and muscle reflex test, A.K., to find compatible herbs for your individual body type and particular symptoms.
Evaluate your sports psychology to find mental weakness that can prevent you from achieving your physical and mental performance goals by using Bach Flower Essences, a vibrational remedy that transforms your negative emotional states to positive. When used in your sports water they can produce dramatic mental and emotional support (endorsed & used by the US Navy and Coast Guard).

Learn how to read your face with Chinese diagnosis as a preventative method to detect possible internal health imbalances.

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