Tui Na (Too-ee Ny) massage is the Chinese expression of our human instinct to touch. Its origins lie in the ancient past of China as far back as the Shang dynasty about 2,300 B.C..

Tui Na massage was originally taught in this country by Taoist master Share K. Lew in 1976.

This style of massage uses dry skin techniques such as grasping, pressing, rubbing and deep point stimulation to activate the channels and collaterals of the chi (energy) system and to manipulate the soft tissues and articular relationships of the physical body.

The practitioner of Tui Na must practice Chi Kung exercise the art of generating internal energy forces for the purpose of energy transference through their hands to the patient during the healing treatment or Tui Na massage. Such exercise would include Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu and Meditation.

Part of the Tui Na theory is that all disease is a result of an imbalance between the Yin (expansion) and Yang (contraction) chi energies that circulate continuously through the body. These energies circulate through 12 main channels and many smaller collateral channels also know as meridians, the same ones used in Chinese acupuncture. Each meridian consists of points traveling up the channel that are associated with a specific organ of the body.

Each point in the meridian needs to have energy free flow through it, otherwise the organ of that channel will be impaired. If this energy is left blocked long enough then disease may set in for the related organ and other organs and body systems that are supported by the blocked energy channel. For example if the kidney meridian is blocked then the bladder which is supported by the kidney will also become impaired. If the liver meridian is blocked then eventually the gall bladder meridian will be impaired.

Tui Na massage could be considered needle free Acupuncture and very similar to Acupressure, but much more powerful because of the practitioner's discipline of Chi Kung exercises and the deliberate intention to transfer energy during the massage treatments.

Many ancient Chinese masters and today just a handful of practitioners, generate so much of the Chi Kung power that they may stimulate the patients body without even touching them while causing a positive dramatic shift in the meridian energies and health.

The body can be effectively treated not only for injuries but also for disease with the Tui Na technique. Results from a Tui Na massage are most often immediate in response. Athletes can highly benefit from a Tui Na massage to prevent injuries or overcome them quickly.




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