he body and mind.

Hear what some of Janise Anthony's clients have to say...

"Janise Anthony is Outstanding! Since 1995, she has helped me overcome the residual effects of my football injuries from the past 13 years of playing.  At age 36 and after my first 4 months of therapy, yoga and nutritional counseling with Janise, I was voted "Most in Shape" by my fellow team mates.  She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the body and Magic Fingers!

Albert Lewis - #29  NFL Cornerback /Special Teams                               

Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders
4 time Pro Bowl participant
 2007 Hall of Fame


"Janise is
a ROCK STAR of alternative  
   healthcare and a true friend!!! "  

Kate Hudson - Actress
Oscar Nominee; Best Supporting Actress -
Almost Famous
Golden Globe Winner, Best Supporting Actress -
Almost Famous
Client since 1994


When I was playing for Los Angeles, many of my teammates used Janise Anthony as their re
gular therapist and she came highly recommended.  Since my first treatment, I have employed Janise as my main therapist.  Now I recommend her to you!" 

Philippe Boucher - # 43 NHL Defenseman
 Pittsburg Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champion
Dallas Stars Hockey
                                     Los Angeles Kings Hockey

                                     2007 NHL All-Star Game Participant
                                     Client since 1999

















"No one can compare!  Janise employs advanced NAC & Applied Kinesiology muscle testing techniques which I have never experienced before with any other therapist.  She is one of a kind and at the top in her field.   When I play games in LA and Anaheim, I look forward to my therapy sessions with Janise.  She knows hockey and the hockey player's body to tune me up so I can play my best." 

Stephane Robidas - # 3 NHL Defenseman
                                     Dallas Stars Hockey
                                      Toronto Maple Leafs
                                     2009 NHL All-Star Game Participant
                                     Client since 2005


“Janise is a MASTER of the athlete’s Body and Mind.  Since 1999, I have used her services regularly with dramatic results.  Her coaching and therapy for my athletic career has proven highly successful to my overall game both on and off the ice. Thank You Janise!”

Eric Belanger - #25 NHL Center
                             Edmonton Oilers
                             Minnesota Wild Hockey  
                             Carolina Hurricanes
                             Los Angeles Kings
                              Client since 1999



"Janise has been
a huge help to me in many different areas.  She has helped me with my mental game, nutritional consultation and massage therapy.  She was able to instill confidence in me and bring out the confidence that I already had.  This helped with my skating and overall game on the ice.  The nutritional advice was great which included a session on how to test foods and supplements for my body's compatibility and digestibility of them.  She is also a great massage therapist especially for sore and hurt areas.  After a session with Janise I always feel energized, confident and excited for the next game.  I strongly recommend her in all these areas."
Tom Kostopoulos - #6 NHL Right Wing
                               Calgary Flames
Montreal Canadiens Hockey
                                       Client since 2005



"As a result of my Yoga training with Janise, I have experienced direct improvement in my overall wellbeing, body and mind from which I am playing the best basketball of my life!!!  I have overcome a career threatening injury, back problems and have obtained remarkable and notable improvements in flexibility and in strength.  As a professional athlete, my conditioning and metal state of mind must be underscored.  To have a long and successful athletic career, my conditioning, metal health and energy must be at optimum levels at all times.  Janise has helped me transform my body and my life and I feel like a totally new person."

Ime Oduok - Pro Basketball Player
                     NCAA, LMU -Loyola Marymount University
                     Student client since 2002

"My time with Janise Anthony for body, mind therapy and her unique cutting edge techniques for athletes has proven to be extremely beneficial for my game. After the first time of applying her "STAY TUNE Body & Mind" system, I immediately increased my performance dramatically when using my computerized hand eye coordination and performance drills program. I had the highest scores than I had ever scored before! I highly recommend Janise and her techniques system for athletes. I use them with my other warm up rituals before every game to be up on my performance."

 Jamie Storr - #1 NHL Goalie
Philadelphia Flyers
                             Los Angeles Kings Hockey
                             Germany's MetroStars
                             2 Time Gold Medalist World Champio
n Hockey
                              Client since 1995


"As a Firefighter and a competitive Extreme Sports athlete, I have had  my share off injuries and stresses on my body.  Janise is one of the  few Complete Body Health experts I know who is able to give me the special attention that my body needs.  I am very particular about who  works on me, and I only want the best.  Between her detailed massages, skilled yoga, unique energy balancing, and highly knowledgeable expertise on health food, Janise is my one stop shop for a balanced healthy body.  Simply put, Janise has been instrumental in my success to keep doing  
                        what I love to do."

n Bush -  HBFD - Hermosa Beach Fire Department
                                              Competitive Extreme Athlete
                                              Client since 1996


"Janise helps my body recover from an 82 game hockey schedule. When my body is beat up, I call Janise and she helps me get back to peak physical and mental condition.  Calling in Janise is like calling in the Wayne Gretzky of healers!"

Craig Johnson -

#23 NHL Left Wing
Los Angeles Kings / Hockey
Anaheim Ducks
Salsburg, Austria National
1994 USA Olympic Hockey Team
Client since 1996


"Janise is one of the best therapists.   In the world she ranks
equal with the top four but in America she is number one!"

Jean-Claude Van Damme - World Renown Martial Artist         
                                                      Client since 1994


Anthony Michael Hall
-   Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Musician
"The Dark Knight" Batman...
 Star/Executive Producer 7 year Television Series " The Dead Zone"
" The Breakfast Club"
" Sixteen Candles"

"Weird Science"

"Edward Scissors Hands"
  Cast member Saturday Night Live

And Star of over 60 Feature Films!

 Client since 1997


"Janise Anthony is incredible as a therapist.  She is the best kept secret in Hollywood!  A woman of deep soul, she is spiritually inspiring."

Goldie Hawn - Actress/ Producer/ Oscar Winner
                        Client since 1995


"Three days before we were to cut our first album we all got colds and sore throats, that's when Janise came to our rescue. With applied kinesiology, nutrition, herbs, massages, and guided imagery, she got us in top shape just in time to sing."

BackStreet Boys - Nicky, Brian, Kevin, Howie & A.J.


"If you are ready to tune-in and tune yourself up to a higher level, read Janise's book STAY TUNED Body & Mind."

Mark Victor Hansen - Co-creator of  #1 New York Times best 
                                           selling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Literary Mentor




"This Book (STAY TUNED Body & Mind) when followed will allow you to have more peak performances and higher energy levels.  Janise has taken proven protocols that have been used for over 30 years in Touch for Health Kinesiology all over the world (over 62 countries) and put them into a simple and easy to use format."

Dr. John F. Thie, DC - Founder of  Touch for Health Applied Kinesiology;
                                             Author of Touch for Health
Personal Touch for Health Instructor to Janise

"As a therapist, Janise is outstanding! Her Touch for Health Applied Kinesiology work and balances are powerful. She has more than just knowledge and experience. Janise has a special gift to help others heal. As an instructor, Janise is passionate, engaging and makes learning fun for her students."

Judy Levin - Past President of The Touch For Health Kinesiology Association

"Janise is one of the most talented Yoga Instructors I have met.  Being originally from the East, and having lived all over the world, I can say with a lot of confidence and authority that her program is EXTREMELY effective.  She combines good meditation techniques with power yoga moves and Indian spirituality elements in her program that cannot be found anywhere.  Furthermore, she has the right voice, demeanor and positive attitude of an excellent coach.  I have a lot of respect for Janise with her integrity, professionalism, sensitivity and intelligence."

Umesh Sharma - Yoga Student, Los Angeles, California


"As a therapist, Janise is extremely professional. She employs a variety of unorthodox techniques which produce dramatic results like no other I have experienced. I highly recommend her work."

Anita D. Sant'Angelo -
Dr. of Chiropractic 25 years
Co-Author "Redesign Your Body"
& "StarBodies"
with husband Franco Columbu

Professional Body Builder
Client since 1990


"Yoga training with Janise Anthony has helped me with my sport by giving me more maneuverability, flexibility and mental focus that helps me get and stay in the zone. I highly recommend yoga for any athlete to take their performance to the next level."

Steve Christian - Pro Surf Competitor


"Having done my share of touring around the world, I find Janise has been able to help give me relief from my drum playing aches more than anyone I have encountered in my years of travels. She also help me heal through my liver transplant.  Without her I don't know if I would have made it through! She is the BEST!"

Dallas Taylor - Drummer of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Author "Prisoner of Woodstock"
Client since 1991




Since 1995,  Janise has worked as the private massage therapist, yoga instructor and/or sports psychologist  to numerous pro players of  NHL's  Hockey Teams ; 21 teams & over 70 players total! 

In addition, Janise also has worked as a therapist during the LA Kings pre-season NHL Training Camp at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo where 65 players from over 13 countries attend for conditioning and practice.  

Every fall Janise Anthony is also a sponsor of the Bud Light Golf Invitational with the Los Angeles Kings for Kings Care Foundation providing therapy for all Kings players and participants.

In addition to working with NHL players, Janise also has clients overseas playing in Pro European Hockey Leagues from Germany, Russia and Austria.

Janise assists in teaching summer hockey camps for young teens and children at the Jamie Storr Goalie School by sharing her expertise in flexibility training, nutrition for sports and mental conditioning for peak performance.




Janise has also worked and continues to work with many Hollywood Celebrities, Music Artists and Athletes with her many modalities including Sports Psychology, Massage, Nutrition and Yoga.

 Some including; (names withheld for privacy & contractual obligations. )

Pro Team Players From: 

Dallas Stars                          Pittsburgh Penguins            Colorado Avalanche
Detroit Red Wings                New York Rangers             Boston Bruins            
New Jersey Devils                Minnesota Wild                  Anaheim Ducks    
Toronto Maple Leafs            Carolina Hurricanes            Columbus Blue Jackets        
Montreal Canadiens              Calgary Flames                   San Jose Sharks
Phoenix Coyotes                   Edmonton Oilers                Nashville Predators
Los Angeles Kings                Philadelphia Flyers              Vancouver Canucks

Oakland Raiders                   Kansas City Chiefs              L.A. Dodgers    
USC Trojans Football           LA Clippers                        Galaxy soccer
Germany's MetroStars          LA Lakers


NHL All-Star Players &          NFL Pro Bowl Players     Wimbledon Tennis Champs 
Hall of Fame                          Hall of Fame
Stanley Cup Champions!..       Super Bowl Champs!

International Pro Basketball players from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil     
 ... just to name a few.

       Magalie LaPerierre                          Jose Loiola & Adam Jewel at
   Completes LA Marathon                     Manhattan Beach AVP Open.
       GREAT JOB!!!



More Athletes:

Albert Lewis - 6 time pro bowl player, Hall of Fame

Olympic beach volleyball Gold medalist
Eric Fonoimoana 

Olympic volleyball silver medalist;
Mike Dodd 

Jose Loiola of Brazil- held longtime record for highest vertical jump AVP
                                               AVP King of the Beach

Olympic beach volleyball & AVP Champion
Stein Metzger 

AVP OPEN Beach Volleyball  Champions & Open winners
Canyon Ceman,  Lee LeGrande,
Brent Doble, Ian Clark,  Patti Dodd, Brian Lewis, Paulo Emilio...
also Adam Jewell,  Daniel Cardenas.

Beach Volleyball Legend and "King Of the Beach" 
Randy "Stokey" Stoklos
(career high 122 Open wins) Actor Volleyball player in movie "Side Out"


              Goal tender Jamie Storr at                   Ime Oduok LMU NCAA Basketball Star
              Jamie Storr Goalie School.                        & current International Pro Player.



Music Groups: 
Chris Isaak                     Offspring            Areosmith               Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Crosby, Stills & Nash      Iggy Pop            Rancid  
                 New Kids on the Block        
Backstreet Boys              Dallas Taylor     The Silvertones        Roberta Flack
Michael Finestein    
       Axle Rose          The Monkeys         



OTHER High Profile... Athletes / Actors / Celebrities / US Presidents / Politicians...
Names withheld for privacy & contractual obligations.

Available upon request for business reference and only with permission of consenting parties.


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