As a part of Janise's physical fitness training, you will learn how to redesign your physical destiny by discovering your body's negative adaptations from old injuries and improper exercise habits.

With a new program designed to accommodate your unique body type, you can then realign and center your body for maximum athletic potential by combining proper weight training, stretching, yoga and effective warm ups and cool downs that are compatible for your particular sport.  

An exercise program is not just about working out all of your muscles to build strength and definition.  It is about working out specific muscle groups more than others to cause the body to overcome postural misalignments shifting it back into perfect balance and to maintain that balance once it is attained. Balancing these misalignments will improve athletic performance, range of motion and dramatically reduce post training pains.  This takes a highly skilled and experience Personal Trainer and as a therapist Janise combines her knowledge and experience of both to be the ultimate trainer!

Learn effective fat burning and rapid muscle building strategies. Achieve more with less effort and less time.  Excel in your sport by conditioning governing muscle groups to enhance your overall performance. One must be task specific to their sport when training for the professional league level.

Learn how to release high levels of Growth Hormone with Intensity Training to increase muscle mass and burning of fat for 48hours after your training.

Combined with proper diet, knowing when to eat what you eat you can achieve fitness, health and fat loss or muscle gain.

See Athletic Therapies for advanced Physical Fitness benefits.
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