Having an on going nutritional education, Janise has the experience and knowledge to design a personal nutritional program to suit your body's needs and to fit your lifestyle.

With Janise you will learn how and when to fuel your body to achieve peak athletic performance, to maintain steady high energy, to achieve rapid muscle recovery and to gain lean muscle mass, to quicken muscle reflex time, and to most efficiently burn body fat for long term weight loss.

This will include:

Proper liquid and electrolite replacement for enhance sports performance and energy production. No more sports drinks loaded with sugar & caffeine.

Carbohydrate modification & vitamins for insulin resistance regulation or Type II diabetes reversal and to train your body to burn fat and to have long and steady energy throughout your day & training/exercise.
Alkalize and de-acidify the body chemistry for optimal health with diet modification.
Body typing and muscle reflex testing to find an individual compatible food index. Find your food allergies or food intolerances that can impede your health.

Nutrient supplementation to accommodate diet deficiencies
, support vital organs such as adrenals, kidney, and liver function for optimal health.

Intestinal cleansing program including fungal and yeast cleansing for optimal nutritional absorption and overall health.  Rebuild intestinal flora by replenishing the good bacteria while killing off the bad bacteria!  Improve digestion and relieve heartburn, reflux forever! Your gut, intestinal health is responsible for 80% of your health!!!

Weight loss & Muscle Mass gain with CBL  Carb Back Loading so you don't have to give up your favorite carbs. Learn its not what you eat but when you eat what you eat that makes you lean or overweight!
Food Education and Sanitation practices for optimal health
Menu Suggestions to make new dietary program easy and enjoyable. You'll begin to crave healthy foods.

    Nutrient supplementation for easy Muscle Mass gain & Weight Loss
           with natural GH Growth Hormone releasing amino acids formulas to cause your body
           to create it's own GH. SAFE FOR PRO-ATHLETES BEING DRUG TESTED!!!!
           Inflammation Reduction from injuries & extreme physical exercise with anti-inflammatory foods
          & supplements.

Nutrition & diet for anti-aging of body, mind and skin appearance. Internal & topical supplements. 


See Athletic Therapies for advanced Nutrition benefits.



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