With the techniques of Neuro Associative Conditioning or N.A.C. and also known as NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of psycho-behavioral reprogramming and conditioning as personally studied with Anthony Robbins, Janise will guide you through a series of mental aerobics, guided imagery and trance induction to recondition your brain from negative dis-empowering behavior patterns, addictions, emotional traumas, phobias, etc..                   

Janise will also mentally condition the athlete for consistent peak performance to strengthen not only their mental game, but their physical game and also for athletes to quickly come out of mental and physical slumps.

Many clients have overcome food, drug, smoking and drinking addictions, as well as depression, procrastination, and anxiety.

Release negative emotions stored in the memory of your mind and your body from old trauma or childhood that prevents you from experiencing happiness, joy, peace of mind, love and/or forgiveness using Applied Kinesiology's Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.)

Learn to meditate and harness its power combined with creative visualization to manifest your goals and dreams.

Bach Flower Remedies will be recommended through psycho-analysis to support and balance emotions and mental states of mind.


See Athletic Therapies for advanced Mental Fitness benefits.


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