The benefits of massage are endless. It can help with speedy recovery from all bodily injuries including the ankle, shoulder, knee, back and head. Massage can also release TMJ, carpel tunnel, sciatica, digestive disorders, post surgery trauma, pregnancy discomfort, headaches and allergy relief.

To achieve these dramatic results, Janise employs numerous massage techniques she has mastered over 20 years of experience. Clients have often reported complete relief in just one session of treatment.

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Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology



Deep Tissue

Tui Nai / Accupressure

Myofascial Release

Swedish & Esalen

Chua' Aka

Applied Kinesiology & Touch for Health

Ayurvedic Therapy

Do's and Dont's of Massage


Janise has a strong yet sensitive gifted touch that is much more than just technique. She has a unique style of integrating all of her extensive training and life experience into a therapeutic uplifting experience.

** Explore all of the massage techniques listed above to help you select a therapy that is right for your individual body's needs and also to help to find a qualified therapist to assist you with your health goals.

See Athletic Therapies for advanced massage benefits.



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