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553 N. PCH, Redondo Beach Office Is Now Closed And in The Process of Relocating.  Available for Sporting Events, Film Location,
Home and Office Calls.

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or just a player in the game of life, you can benefit from the information and therapies offered on this site, enabling you to make an educated decision concerning your health program and needs.

By integrating alternative and ancient body/mind therapies with your current health regimen or training and sport rituals, you will be able to maximize your health and athletic performance and reach your personal best.

If you are a professional athlete you can acquire the competitive edge over your opponents. If you are a weekend warrior, you can improve and minimize injuries and post weekend aches. If you are a player in the game of life, you can simply increase your health and raise your fitness level to that of a professional athlete so you may tackle daily activities with ease.

As a therapist in Western and ancient Eastern therapies and in the healthcare field for almost 20 years, Janise Anthony has developed a unique system to aid and assist you in achieving your personal health goals, as well as to excel in your specific sport. Design a personalized health program by combining  Massage Nutrition Physical Fitness, Yoga,  Mental Fitness, Applied Kinesiology  and Homeopathic Remedies as strategies for total body/mind health.

Janise Anthony has her own private practice working with many Hollywood stars, Olympic and elite athletes. She also works with many professional team players from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, AVP from around the country and the world.  Janise treats numerous players from NHL's Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team since 1995
and NHL team players across the country..

Always seeking out and challenging the latest cutting edge therapies and research, exploring the ancient past for time proven techniques to apply to modern day living and health, is what makes Janise one of the most respected practitioners in the alternative health therapy field.

Janise Anthony has made appearances on national television and radio, and has written many articles and books on health, as well as conducting seminars in overall health, nutrition and massage technique.

Well known in the field of alternative health, Janise has appeared in " Newsweek " magazine; Prime Ticket's "Fox Sports Net" - LA Kings pre-game show ;  "Fox News " Barbara Walter's "The View "; "Susan Powter Show ";  "The Style Network"KABC radio "The Home and Family Show" ; "Good Day L.A." and Sweden's largest News Magazine "Aftonbladet" educating on therapies for health.

Available for House Calls, Sports Arenas, Office Visits
& Telephone Consultations/Therapy.
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"Janise Anthony is Outstanding! She has helped me overcome the residual effects of my football injuries from the past 13 years of playing, as well as enhancing my athletic performance by helping me maintain a healthy physically fit body.  At age 36 and after my first 4 months of therapy, yoga and nutritional counseling with Janise, I was voted "Most in Shape" by my fellow team mates.  She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the body and Magic Fingers!

Albert Lewis - NFL - Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders
4 time Pro Bowl participant

2007 Hall of Fame

"Janise Anthony is incredible as a therapist.  She is the best kept secret in Hollywood!  A woman of deep soul, she is spiritually inspiring."

Goldie Hawn - Actress/ Producer/ Oscar Winner


"Janise Anthony is one of the best therapists.   In the world she ranks equal with the top four but in America she is number one!"

Jean-Claude Van Damme - World Renown Martial Artist         



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