A Few Important Things to Add to Daily Vitamin Intake.  .
Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg.  1 capsule  2-3x a day with meals
Brand:  NOW
Purpose: Anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, improves skin appearance. 
Great for injury inflammation reduction & healing take 3-4 a day with acute injury.
Grapeseed Extract  100mg  1capsule   2x a day with food

Brand: NOW

Purpose: Anti oxidant, Cleanses body, keeps immune system strong.
Grapefruit seed Extract 125 mg.  1 tablet 1 time day with tood.
 Tablets or Capsules

Brand: Nutri-Biotic

Purpose: Flora control - kills bad bacteria in intestinal tract.  Helps with keeping Probiotic balance in intestines.
(if I happen to eat a high carb, especially sugar food, I will take and extra one of these with that food.  Bad bacteria feeds on sugars and if this is present with the sugar at the same time the bad bacteria will eat it up along with the sugar.  Grapefruit seed extract helps kill bad bacteria.)
Chlorofresh-Chlorophyll Concentrate  1 every couple of days or every other day with food.
softgel capsules

Brand: Nature's Way

Purpose: Supports lungs, intestines, helps kidneys cleanse blood...Supports illiacus muscle which is important in lower back health and hip flexor function...

Acidofolis/ Probiotics  1 every day on empty stomach at least 2 hours after a meal. Preferably at bedtime.
Enteric Coated Capsules only - this allows them to open only in the lower intestine and not the stomach.
Buy and Keep refrigerated.(live cultures)   Also found in small amounts in yogurt.

Brand: Renew Life- Ultimate Flora critical care 50 Billion Cultures per capsule.
Purpose:  To maintain healthy bacteria in the intestinal track. Prevents intestinal virus, improves digestion
               and absorption of nutrients.   Keeps bowels healthy and regular. Keeps lungs healthy.
              Overall good health.

***None of these will upset your stomach so not to worry.   All good for anti aging and cleansing the body.  Whole Foods carries all of them. They are less pricey at Lindberg Nutrition


Simple Food Swaps That Save Calories

If you think little changes in your diet and physical activity don't mean a lot, think again. Those small changes can really add up.

The difference between maintaining your weight and gaining weight, for example, may be as little as 200 calories a day - one candy bar.

If your weight is stable, but too high, then making choices that save 250 calories a day may result in a weight loss of a half-pound a week. Save 500 calories a day, and you may lose 1 pound per week. Everyone is different, of course, but big lifestyle changes are often built one change at a time

If you typically eat... try... Calorie savings per day
1 bagel-shop bagel 1 slice of whole-wheat bread 175
1 1/4 cup of bran cereal with raisins 1 1/4 cup of bran flakes topped with 1/4 cup of fresh berries 50
1/2 cup of regular granola in cereal or over yogurt 1/2 cup of low-fat granola 100
1 tbsp. of margarine or butter on a roll or slice of bread 1 tbsp. of apple butter on a roll or slice of bread 70
2 cups of enriched pasta 2 cups of whole-wheat pasta 50
2 cups of enriched pasta 1 cup of pasta mixed with 1 cup of mixed steamed vegetables 150
1 1/2 cup of traditional macaroni and cheese 1 1/2 cup of cooked macaroni topped with 1/2 cup of tomato sauce 290
1 1/2 cup of white rice 1 1/2 cup of wild rice or other whole grain (e.g., bulgur wheat or pilaf) 65
1 cup of French fries 1 medium baked potato 50
1 cup of French fries 1 cup of steamed broccoli 140
1/4 cup of dip made with regular sour cream 1/4 cup of dip made with silken tofu 85
6 oz. Porterhouse steak 6 oz. chicken breast 200
1 restaurant hamburger (6 - 8 oz.) 1 veggie burger (toasted) 320
6 oz. dark meat chicken 6 oz. white-meat chicken 50
1 tbsp. any oil for cooking Cooking spray 120
2 tbsp. regular salad dressing 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar 115
3 medium-sized chocolate-chip cookies 1 fresh fruit 80
2 oz. potato chips 2 oz. baked tortilla chips 100
2 cups corn chips 2 cups air-popped popcorn 220
1 slice cheesecake 1 slice angel food cake 265
1 slice cheesecake 2 cups sliced mixed fresh fruit 300
1 chocolate bar 1 cup hot cocoa from mix 130
1 cup whole milk 1 cup low-fat soymilk or skim milk 60
1 can regular soda Water 150
1 cup screwdriver cocktail (orange juice and vodka) 4 oz. white wine spritzer (half wine, half club soda) 155
1 cup piŮa colada frozen cocktail 1 cup gin and tonic 290


Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Make sure you are at least drinking 6 -8 glasses a day for the sedentary lifestyle. 
If you are athletic or ill you need to double that amount.

Drink your water at intervals and not all at once.  Drinking a full 8 oz. at one time is to
much for the body to process and absorb all at once.  Sip 3 oz. or so at 10-20 minute intervals
for complete absorption and utilization.

Some key benefits of proper hydration include:

* Wastes and toxins are flushed from the body.

*Oxygen and nutrients move through the bloodstream more efficiently

* Appetite is naturally suppressed

* Stored fats are metabolized better,  so drink before and during your workouts.

*Energy levels increase as dehydration is a major cause of fatigue.

*A more youthful, healthy appearance.  A dehydrated body will provoke the development of
  aging, inflammatory compounds.



Avoid being a Night Owl.
Exercising just before bedtime may be asking for trouble. Aerobic exercise -- and exercise in general -- helps you fall asleep more quickly and sleep longer, but generally not if you if you work out just before turning in. Don't be tempted by your gym's late hours if you have to get up early the next morning; most of us need a few hours to relax and decompress after a workout before going to sleep, so you might pay a price the next day.

For professional athletes that must compete at night, a good relaxer is to take 1,000mg of Calcium
to 500mg. of Magnesium with water at bedtime to relaxed depleted muscles.  Also taking a B complex vitamin during a daytime meal will help when it comes time to sleep.

Also Bach Flower Essences now has a product called Rescue Remedy Sleep that works at calming an active mind for ease in falling asleep.




Expand Your Imagination of What's Possible!

Each and every one of us was born rich. We each have, at our beck and call, 18 billion brain cells, waiting for us to give them some direction. The only limitations that exist are those we impose on ourselves. Otherwise, our brains do not know any limitations. Our minds will believe whatever we convince them to believe. So, why arenít we living out our dreams? Whatís stopping us? Most people are not living the lives they truly want to live because they are not thinking big enough, nor are they focused on exactly what they want to do. The key to having everything we want lies in expanding our definition of whatís possible and focusing on what we want. Thatís it! Once we believe in the possibility of anything and focus in on exactly what we want to have, exactly what we want to do, then our minds can take us there.



     THINK    -     ACT     -    FEEL

THINK-  The best way to eliminate negative thinking is to be an observer of your thoughts. Listen in to the conversations you have with yourself in your mind.  When you observe a negative, dis-empowering, or unsupportive thought that makes you feel bad, sad or depressed, immediately change it into a positive thought, statement or affirmation in your mind or even better say it out loud to over-ride or cancel it out.  

i.e. " I am so fat.  No one will ever love me like this."  
New Thought: " I am loveable.  There are allot of beautiful things about me."

ACT- Next take a positive action to follow through with your new positive thought. Do something, anything in that positive direction.  It will not only make you feel better, but it will help you to create a new behavior pattern and overtime train you to have better conversations with yourself.

Action:  Make a list of the beautiful things about yourself.    or
              Go for a walk by the beach.    or  
              Write down a new diet program.   or 
              Sign up at a gym...

FEEL-Finally, after taking action notice how you feel about your new thoughts.  If they are still negative then Think another positive thought and  take a positive Action again until you are feeling good.   

Most unhappy negative people  Feel first, Act second, then Think.  If we react to life this way we will be unconsciously creating out of our disturbed emotional state. 

When we Think first, Act second, then Feel we respond to life  with conscious choices and can be in control of our emotions instead of our emotions controlling us.  

Much of the time we won't take any action at all  when we Feel bad.   We end up in a Feel, Think, Feel, Think, Feel, Think cycle, which is called rumination.  This emotionally paralyzes us from taking action and moving forward with our life choices.  If rumination continues long enough ( 10 weeks or more) it may also  make your brain chemistry imbalanced.  

Take the following Pledge to overcome negative thoughts and emotions;





"It is a mistake to assume that our secret thoughts toward
others do not matter. They matter very much. It is not sufficient 
to behave kindly toward people in public. Our secret
manners, that is, our inner attitudes, must be just as kindly.
Otherwise, we pay a painful price. If I think enviously toward
another, I am punished on the spot for that envy. You can't be
envious and happy at the same time. We must do more than act
kindly; we must be kindly."

When we are in the world of the thinking mind, we are somewhere in the remembered past or the imagined future. We are in a world of thought, memory, concept, idea, opinion and belief. We are not here now. What we are experiencing is not the truth and reality of the present moment.

In a very real sense, the past is intruding into our experience of the present moment, coloring and distorting it. All those limiting beliefs and painful experiences of the past adversely affect our experience of life.

To awaken simply means to awaken out of the world of the thinking mind into the world of the present moment. This does not mean that your memory of the past or your sense of the future disappears. You still participate within the world of time, but you are no longer identified with or defined by those memories from the past or imaginings into the future. You come to know yourself as the One who exists in this moment. You know that only the present moment can fulfill you and so you choose to live more and more fully in the present moment. The present moment becomes the very foundation of your life.

As you awaken, your experience of yourself and the world will dramatically change. Fear, anxiety and conflict disappear as you enter into a world of love, peace and abundance. You come to know yourself as LOVE. You encounter the living Presence of God within you and within everything around you. Separation dissolves as you enter into Oneness.. This is what is meant by enlightenment. It is what Buddha spoke of. It is what Jesus spoke of. It is what Lao-Tzu and Krishna spoke of. It is what God promised to Abraham.

Creating balance is to find the middle of two opposites.   It means not having too much or  too little of something.  

The Buddah once was sitting by a riverbank meditating.  He found a conversation on a traveling boat with a music teacher and his student caught his attention and made clear the importance for finding balance.  He heard the music teacher say to his student who was learning to play the sitar (guitar type instrument), " If you keep the strings too loose it will not play, If you make them too tight they will snap." 

The Buddah founded what he called The Middle Way from this passing conversation.  He realized balance is the way to peace and happiness in all aspects of life.

Where do you need to find balance in your life?  Is it with Work and Play?,  Food and Fast?,  Exercise and Rest?,  Mind Fast or Mind Feast?,  Giving and Receiving? or  Loving Others and Loving Self?



updated article
A new product called STEVIA ( from the stevia plant), a healthy no calorie sweetener is on the market and now available in health food stores. It is an all natural safe alternative to Nutra-Sweet Equal and Sweet and Low, both which have negative effects on the body.  Both of these old no calories sweeteners are stressful on the liver organ.  Studies show that they cannot be processed by the liver and get stuck in your body and accumulate over time.  We all know the damage that sugar can do to the body. It compromises immunity, promotes the growth of yeast (Candida), decays tooth enamel, increases insulin levels, promote brain tumors and is loaded with calories.  

Knowing this is true why isn't stevia used instead of these harmful sugar substitutes?  The FDA has banned the use of stevia in food products in order to protect the pharmaceutical industries who have the patents on NutriSweet and Aspartme.  There is a huge cover up of the information on the health benefits of Stevia, yet in Japan their FDA has extensively tested and approved Stevia for over 30 years.  In the U.S. stevia can only be marketed as nutrient.
Stevia herb is unusually sweet, satisfies "sugar cravings" and has no calories and no undesirable side-effects. It has been widely used in Japan for years to sweeten diet soft drinks. This concentrated Stevia extract can be used in place of sugar in any recipe. It is much sweeter than sugar so only a tiny amount is needed.
Stevia is one of the most beneficial plants on Earth. What Stevia does both inside the body and on the skin is incredible! Native to Paraguay, it is a small green plant bearing leaves which have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Besides the intensely sweet glycosides for which Stevia is renowned, it is remarkably nutritious.
  • Helps produce vitamins
  • Assists and strengthens the immune system
  • Helps prevent toxic compounds from forming
  • Helps control the formation of free radicals
  • Prevents overgrowth of Candida albicans

Nutrients found in Stevia

Vitamin C
Vegetable fat
Remember that when you reach for your next dose of refined sugar, which can throw your blood sugar out of whack and then suppress your immune system by up to 50%. 5 cups of black or green tea (at only 4 calories a cup) has the same nutrition benefits as two servings of fruit and vegetables, and guards against cancer and heart disease.  Anywhere you might use a bit of sugar, try Stevia instead.  for an extensive article on stevia.




Your body requires 5 tastes to maintain balance of all the organ systems of the body?  According to ancient Chinese medicine the body needs sweet, spicy, salty, sour and bitter.   If all of these 5 tastes are present at every meal the body will feel complete satisfaction.  

Did you ever notice how you may crave something sweet after your meal?  You probably missed that sweet taste in that meal.  Or maybe you wanted a coffee after a meal instead in order to feel satisfied.  The coffee represents the bitter taste that is usually present in salad greens or peppers.  The reason for the coffee boom in the country is not just about people needing caffeine for an energy boost, it is mostly a lack of bitter in the diet.

Sweet nourishes the stomach and spleen.
Spicy nourishes the lungs and large intestine.
Salty nourishes the kidneys and bladder. ( ***yes, some salt is good.)
Sour nourishes the liver and gallbladder.
Bitter nourishes the heart, small intestine, thyroid and sex organs.
( the colors are the associated color of that taste and element.)

The organ systems of the body work together in harmony.  If you over nourish or under-nourish a system of the body the rest will be thrown out of balance.  Have you ever notice how you want something sweet (stomach/spleen) after over- indulging in something salty (kidney/bladder) or vice verse?  You over nourished one organ system causing another to become under nourished and your new craving was your body's attempt to rebalance itself.  

This is also why Western Medicine drugs have many side effects. Only the organ with the main problem is medically treated, thus throwing the other organs out of whack to cause more ill symptoms. A vicious cycle has been started. Symptoms begin to jump from one organ to another causing more serious imbalances overtime.
So to maintain health and wholeness, keep in mind and in your belly all 5 tastes at every meal. 

If you eat salt or sodium with a little bit of oil and a half a cup of water you will
not retain water in your body.  The oil and the water allow your kidneys to process the sodium in a way that it is not retained in the body.



Q & A with Janise

Submit your health questions in writing and Janise will post her answers here.

Dear Janise,
 My lymph system is a little sluggish and retaining water.  So it was suggested that I find someone who does lymphatic massages. Is there anything else I can do along with massages to help?
Thank you for you help.  

Ms. Meyers
Lawrence, KS/ Kansas City, MO


Hello Ms. Meyers,
 There are some things you can do on your own to help remedy the problem.
May I suggest doing saunas 3 times a week ( but no more than 3 times a week.  It can cause a drain in your energy level.)   This will eliminate excess salts and cleanse the body and lymph system.    Placing a wet face cloth on your face so you can breathe moist air while the rest of the body sweats is recommended to keep your lungs moist with the dry air of winter months. 
Make sure you drink water during your saunas to help flush out more toxins.   Also fresh lemon in water is a good cleanse for the lymph system and also rids the body of mucus which will also cause the body to hold onto water, drink on an empty stomach, upon waking...
Also bouncing on a mini trampoline for at least 5 minutes or more a day will get your lymph system moving.  The bouncing causes a pumping action on the lymph system to move it quicker into the lymph nodes for cleansing.
Deep diaphragmic breathing also circulates lymph.  Inhale for  a count of 2, hold the breath for a count of 8 and Exhale for a count of 4.   Do 10 rounds of this breath  2-3 times a day.
 Another recommendation for water retention is to avoid all fluids for a day to force the spleen, in charge of water distribution and also a part of the Lymph system, to release fluids in order to balance the system out. 
 Please check with your doctor before you take measures to make sure this water retention is lymph related and not another more serious matter.
Good luck,  Let me know how these suggestions help.




Did you hear about the dyslexic cow that attained enlightenmet?
Instead of saying Moo, he kept saying OOOM , OOOM,  OOOM, OOOM.

A priest and a bus driver lived together and one day they also died together. When they arrive at the pearly gates, St. Peter allowed the bus driver to go to one of the highest heavens while the priest had to wait.  After some time of waiting the priest asked Peter:" Why could the bus driver go to the highest heaven and I who all my life spoke about God have to wait for so long"  St. Peter said:" When you were speaking to the people at your church everybody fell asleep, but when that bus driver was driving everybody prayed!"

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