Developed by Dr. Edward Bach MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, D.PH, a world renown scientist and bacteriologist, in 1934, these remedies work with balancing the energetic systems of the body which are thrown out of balance from negative emotions and attitudes which are either long term or temporary conditions. They also help treat psychosomatic bodily symptoms by balancing the emotional states, thus promoting physical health.

In Chinese and Eastern medicine practices, it is said that the health of the mind and spirit can directly effect the health of the body and also the health of the body can effect the health of the mind and spirit. For example the spleen is where emotions of self esteem are stored, a person with consistent low self esteem may, over a period of time, begin to have spleen weakness and disease or if there is physical injury to the spleen from an accident, the person usually will begin to experience low self esteem.

Bach Flower Remedies treat the persons emotional and psychological symptoms and have been proven to be quite effective when combined with Western and Eastern medical treatments for illness and disease by lifting the patients spirits, relieving depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

The Athlete can also benefit from Bach Flower Remedies.
A more popular formal for Athletes is Bach Flower's RESCUE REMEDY CREAM. Although it is marketed as a skin cream, it is much more than that. It is a vibrational medicine that treats traumas of the body from aches, bruises, injuries, even broken bones can benefit from this cream when applied 4 times a day.  Athletes love how it works on healing their bodies from their battles in sports.... Many NHL players use this cream  and have called Janise's recommendation of the cream "The Miracle Cream".  It can literally be applied to anything that doesn't feel right on the body.  Rub it on your forehead for headaches, neck and shoulders to release tension, even on new surgical stitches to accelerate healing.  It helps remove pain in may cases, and takes away the sting of a recent injury or blow to the body in minutes... Swelling is often lowered with this cream.Although the packaging of this RESCUE REMEDY CREAM calls it a skin cream, and since it is imported from England it takes millions of dollars to be able to mark on packaging claims of a product. Until this happens, know Rescue Remedy Cream is a healer.  Not to be compared to or equal to Trameel cream. You can use both these creams/lotions together.

Rescue Remedy Cream works on shifting the vibration of your cells which are traumatized, to their natural state of vibration in which they can then remember how to heal the body. In a traumatized state your cells shut down and healing comes to a halt. If you have questions about this product recommended to you please feel free to email Janise at


The Bach Flower Remedies are made from flower essences each administering a different vibration equal to the opposite of the emotion in need of balancing.   After consulting with a Bach Flower Therapist, a diagnosis will be made and the appropriate remedy will be recommended to be taken over a period of time to bring the body/mind back into balance. The out come will result in a shift from emotional and spiritual disturbances to positive attitudes, behavior and awareness as well improved health conditions.

Currently, the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy are using the Bach Flower Essences to remedy motion sickness, fear, victim's of shock and terror and such. Many of Janise's Pro Athlete clients are getting fantastic results using remedies on injuries, and aches along with balancing out some of their emotional needs.
Many natural dentists use Bach Flower remedies to help with tooth pain as well.

Typical emotions and attitudes that are successfully treated with Bach Flower Remedies include:

 extreme fear, terror  being intolerant, critical
 being overwhelmed  resentment, bitterness
 hiding worries  easily exploited
 loneliness  apathy, resignation
 extreme hopelessness  indecision
 anticipate the worse  shyness, timidity
 lack of confidence  major transitions
 impatient with others  mental exhaustion
self-dislike mind/body possessiveness
selfishness grief, great sorrow
over anxious to please mental exhaustion
easily discouraged by minor setbacks    

Just to name a few...

 There are 38 essences and over 2 million combinations with a maximum of 6 essences per dosage..

If you strongly experience some of these emotions you could more than likely benefit from Bach Flower Remedies and it is encouraged that you consider Bach Flower Remedies in addition to your other preventive medicine practices and regimens.  They are an easy fix for some complicated conditions.   Bach Flower Remedies are a vibrational medicine so they can be used with any form of doctors treatments or prescription drugs.




The Bach Flower Essences have proven effective with many athletes in enhancing their performance. They have been used by many people around the world with much success since 1934 and are used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.


Much of an athletes performance depends on his mental state and how he can control it. Sometimes life and circumstances get the best of us and in time we bounce back, but as a professional or competitive athlete it is essential you bounce back immediately or as soon as possible. As a professional your paying fans want to see your best game. They have small concern for your personal life circumstances when you are playing, so as a professional they expect you to be ON at all times.

Yes, you are human and you can only do so much on a conscious level to keep your mental state at its peak for your best performance. This is where Bach Flowers Essences can aid you, the athlete, in accelerated recovery from mental and emotional imbalances that can impede your performance.

The balancing effect of these essences are very subtle yet remarkably strong. Many athletes taking these remedies for the first few times, often comment that the don't feel anything happening, yet when they are asked if they still are having their symptoms or emotional challenge they always report that it is gone and didn't even notice they did not have their problem anymore.

Another way of explaining the subtlety of change with Bach Flower's is this; when we have a problem it is hard to not think about it and when the problem is gone it is hard to think of not having it.  For example, when you have a cut on your finger all you think of is that.  You hit it and you notice you hit it because it hurts. You get lemon juice or salt on that open cut and you definitely notice your finger.  But when it is healed you never think about or appreciate your finger and how it is not cut.  As you heal and balance with Bach Flower remedies, you may not even notice your symptoms going away until they are completely gone and you are back to your ol' self.

A combination of 6 to 7 Bach Flower Essences may be used at one time until the symptoms are gone. Depending on the intensity and duration of the emotional or mental state that needs balancing, the recovery time may vary from 5 minutes, to 1 hour, to a few days and in chronic and tragic cases (i.e. a death of a loved one) a week to a month or a year.  For every year you have experienced your negative emotion or health related symptoms, you need to take the remedy for approximately one month or for every month, 5 days...


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