Contraindications To General Full Body Massages

For nearly all body imbalances there is a massage technique that is appropriate and helpful. However there are certain situations where general massage does not apply and should be avoided because it could prove harmful.

These contraindications, times when massage is not compatible with specific body symptoms, are for anyone suffering from any of the following body conditions.

General Massage Don'ts: 

Nausea or Vomiting
Pain due to unknown causes
Arthritis in one joint
AIDS ( acute stages)
Some skin disorders
Cancer ( especially acute stages)
Lymphoma types of cancer 
 When taking most antibiotics

The following can result in blood clotting and possibly risking stroke and heart failure if massage is performed:

Acute phlebitis
Varicose Veins

There are also localized contraindications, specific areas of the body where no massage should be performed.

No massage should be given to the abdomen in case of high blood pressure or heart problems.

No massage should be given directly on chronic varicose veins, but massage above the site can help to improve blood circulation. Massaging below can cause a clot to dislodge and move through the body via bloodstream.

No massage should be given directly over fresh surgical incisions, fractures, bruises, or keloid scars.

Pregnant women should check with a doctor before getting a massage and should find a therapist that specializes in pregnancy massage and whom knows the "24 Forbidden Pregnancy Points" for all 9 months of gestation.



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