CHUA'AKA or skin rolling, is an ancient technique, utilizing the effects skin manipulation has in generating a sense of well being. Chua'aka was first recorded in 1160 A.D., when Mongolian warriors were ordered by the Emperor Genghis Khan to have their skin rolled both before and after battle to help release their accumulated reactions to fear.

As humans we collect electromagnetic static on the surface of our skin, which most often manifests as nervousness or deadness to the touch. When any stagnant area, including fascia (connective tissue; see myofascial release), gets too tight and solidifies, oxygen and blood cannot circulate.

Chua'aka, a dry skin rolling, lifts and manipulates the skin in an undulating motion, releasing it from the restraints of the body and tight muscles. This helps squeeze and purge the waste matter out of the body's tissues and also release the static charge off the skin which allows the blood and oxygen to enter the areas worked. It also flushes out the ductless organs and provides fresh energy and cleansing to the bone marrow.

Having a Chua'aka massage releases accumulated emotional and physical trauma stresses and relaxes muscles while it stimulates and energizes the body, leaving one feeling alive and alert.

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