As a therapist, Janise Anthony is a master of many healing therapies for the body and mind.  She has a wellness clinic in Hermosa Beach for private therapy and counseling, as well as being available for private house calls, office visits, telephone counseling, sporting events, movie sets and concerts..

Janise has studied with top Doctors, therapists and practitioners of each modality she practices for her work to be on the cutting edge.  She has refined her extensive training and technique for an unlimited approach in achieving health and fitness goals. Her approach to the healing process is intuitive, eclectic, and unorthodox, while producing dramatic results. Janise is committed to excellence and a life of service to her clients and students by sharing her education, experience and wisdom of body/mind/spirit health.

Janise also instructs private and group yoga classes at studios and health clubs and in homes in the Los Angeles area. In addition Janise has taught at Deepak Chopra's seminars and workshops for several years by personal request of Deepak himself. She also has twice yearly, a weekend yoga and health retreat ( see Seminars link for schedule).

In summer months Janise also teaches flexibility conditioning at NHL hockey camps and also, including teaching at  the Jamie Storr Goalie School  held at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo in the off season.

As a certified national Touch for Health instructor, Janise is available to teach and certify students and therapists in this applied kinesiology technique system. CEU credits are received for doctors and nurses.


Ayurveda Body Mind Medicine Practitioner
UCSD- University California San Diego
Studied under world renown Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon. 

5,000 year old system of Eastern Indian medicine treating the person as a whole not just the symptomatic area of the body by using alternative methods.
(see massage link and
Ayurvedic Therapy for information)  

Studied with Nationally known Master Yogi Erich Schiffman and John Friend- Certified -  Certified & 30 years of practice.
Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara styles, power yoga, &
yoga therapy for sports, injury & rehabilitation. Meditation instruction. Janise has practiced yoga for over 30 plus years since she was a very young child.

ACSM & AFAA certified

Instruction: Personal Training,  weight training, aerobics, and aquatics.

Nutritional Consultant:
 UCSD, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine 
Weight loss, weight gain, overall health, herbs, homeopathy and Mind/Body Medicine certified by Deepak Chopra M.D. & Dr. David Simon.

Massage Therapist:
IPSB - Institute of Psycho- Structural Balancing- Santa Monica, California
Parker Chiropractic College - Dallas, Texas

Physical therapeutics, sports rehabilitation, pregnancy facilitation, Reflexology, Swedish, Lymphatic (pre/post surgery), Craniosacral (head, spine injury ), Deep Tissue, Tui Nai, Myotherapy, Acupressure. 

Applied Kinesiologist / Touch for Health Certified Instructor:
International Kinesiology College in Zurich, Switzerland
Muscle testing for correction of physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional imbalances. Personally certified by technique founder Dr. John Thie of the IKC,

Neuro-Associative Conditioning: or NLP
NAC personally certified by Anthony Robbins
Mind therapies for phobias, traumas, addictions, behavior and response reprogramming, & athletic metal conditioning.  .  Often crews Tony Robbins live events as a Lead Trainer Fire Walk Lead In.                                                             

Bach Flower Homeopathic: Practitioner of natural essences,
Edward Bach Center of England
A vibrational medicine for mental and emotional health


Communications/ Theatre Arts  
Cape Cod Community College - AA 
Study of Public Speaking, Communications, Broadcasting, Play Production, Set Design and Acting
Studied summers with Provincetown Players on Cape Cod
Played on the stage Blanche Dubious in Street Car Named Desire.
                                Laura in Glass Menagerie
                                Various Music Videos, PBS specials, handful of films

Disc Jockey from ages 16-19 and Master of Ceremonies for numerous competitions, skating exhibitions, talent shows and fashion shows.

Martial Arts Study
17 combined years of Tae Kwan Do, Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido and Kung Fu weapons
Master Hi IL Cho; brought Tae Kwan Do to America
Master Kwan; brought Hapkido to America
Master Jhoon Rhee; popularized Tae Kwan Do in America
Master Eric Lee; Multiple time World Weapons Champion- action/fight Choreographer for films
Sensei Keith Rosary kata competition choreographer and instructor

Janise competed in martial arts on the East Coast in the categories of fighting, kata and weapons ( kwan do stick and Kung Fu swords).


In the past Janise Anthony has assisted in teaching karate to children and teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs both in Hyannis, Massachusetts and Rosemead, California on a volunteer basis and second in command to Head sensei.
While also working in chiropractic offices, head injury center, physical therapy clinics Janise worked in rehabilitating athletes from injuries and reconstructive surgery.

Janise Anthony now works with many top professional athletes from around the world of the NFL, NBA, NHL, AVP, MLB and Wimbledon .She is also repeatedly summonsed to the Olympic Sports Massage Team, serving international athletes of the summer games where her next trip will be the Beijing Games.

A natural athlete herself, Janise has competed in free style skating, triathlons, slalom ski racing, martial arts - fighting, katas, and weapons, all giving her deep insight working with athletes; a knowledge that cannot be learned in schools or books.

Well known in the field of alternative health, Janise has appeared in " Newsweek " magazine, Prime Ticket's "Fox Sports Net" LA Kings Pre-game show , "Fox News", Barbara Walter's "The View ", the "Susan Powter Show " , "The Style Network" KABC radio, "Home and Family Show" and "Good Day L.A."  and Sweden's top news magazine, Aftonbladet educating on therapies for alternative health.

For recreation, Janise enjoys tennis, golf, skating, surfing, music, movies and film festivals, sewing & crafting, live hockey games, reading, writing poetry in nature, charity work, gardening and gourmet cooking for friends..

Janise is also a professional member of the ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals), the Touch for Health Association,  AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and Toastmasters International.   She is also a supporter and member of AFI ( American Film Institute), LACMA ( Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and the Feminist Majority Organization for empowering women.  She volunteers her time and services with Rock for Choice, Laugh for Choice, American Oceans Campaign, LA Kings Kid Care Foundation and other charity events.  Janise is also on the committee of S.A.F.E.  Smoke-Free Air For Everyone.

After completing her first book for mental and spiritual health titled, "Spiritual Vitamins", Janise went on to write and finish other books titled, Yoga Wise  "Words of Wisdom to Put Life and Spirit into Your Yoga Practice", and STAY TUNED Body & Mind , "A 10 Step Tune Up for Peak Performance and Energy"..

Janise is currently working on a cookbook titled Eat Like a Star "Recipes Cooked for the Rich and Famous". It is a cookbook with all of Janise's recipes personally cooked for many celebrities during her cooking career which supported her while studying healthcare. Janise was the banquet chef at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, catering the Golden Globes, AFI Lifetime Achievements, The Oscar Nomination party, and many Movie Premiere Film receptions.


                   A few words from Janise Anthony:

" I have had my share of bumps and bruises, sprains, strains and broken bones through my personal competitive athletic adventures.  Because of having endured six years of rehabilitation for a broken back as a result of a near fatal bicycle accident from being hit by a drunk driver, I have a greater understanding of the body and the potential of it's recovery abilities and phases, as well as the importance of mental fitness and nutritional support for optimal healing.   Due to this unfortunate event during my cycling training, my life dream to be a top competitive ironman tri-athlete was abruptly taken away from me and so my dream now is to assist other athletes in making their dreams come true by applying proper therapy and training along with inspirational motivation.

" My experience with training for and engaging in competitive sports and the injuries that accompany it, has given me deep insight and awareness in my approach to the healing process, especially with athletes; an enlightenment that cannot be learned in books or schools."

" I don't see myself as a healer, but as a facilitator of healing. We must all remember we are responsible for our own health and our own healings.  Doctors, therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, yoga teachers, personal trainers and massage therapists are only our guides and teachers.  It is only with proper education about our bodies and minds from these guides, can we create and sustain vibrant health.  Without our health we cannot enjoy life to the fullest.  With vibrant health we can fully enjoy the company of our loved ones, have the energy to do all the fun things life has to offer and to also continue to grow and learn and be all that we can be in every aspect of our life."

" My purpose is to persuade my clients to take on the responsibility of their own health with the proper professional guidance while stressing the importance of preventive maintenance  to make a difference in their quality of life, while bringing them closer to their health goals and fulfilling their life dreams as I re-educate them through proper exercise, self massage, proper nutrition, mental fitness, yoga and meditation."

" It is my pleasure to be of service to you.  I look forward to becoming a part of your healthcare team.  A life without health is a life without wealth."

                         Quote - JANISE ANTHONY, M.T., A.K.


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Yoga on the Beach


Martial Artist 
for 17 Years

Guest on Susan Powter Show
educating on Pregnancy Massage


Human Interest Story
on FOX News

Interview on Fox News 11

Janise & Staff as Hands On Medical for yearly AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tours
since 1999.


  Janise & student Ime Oduok, former LMU - NCAA star player & current Pro Basketball Player doing Yoga.

Janise working with NHL
Hockey Players at the Bud Light Golf Invitational.

The 9th Hole...

with LA Kings Captain
Dustin Brown

with Denis Grebeshkov

with Tom Kostopoulos

9th hole...

with Matthew Garon

9th hole...

working with LA Kings

Sports Health Pro Team
Shelle, Benoit & Janise







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