Applied Kinesiology ( A.K.), used in a system known as Touch for Health (TFH), is a proven process of health management and improvement which helps us achieve our goals in health, performance, work and relationships. It is a system for muscle testing and balancing that uses principles of Chinese medicine, massage, energy work and postural alignment to enhance strength, improve energy, and release physical and mental stress and pain.


Touch for Health (TFH) works by balancing the structural, chemical and emotional elements of our bodies. Modern scientific method has conclusively proven the connection between these areas, and the TFH includes techniques that work on each level.

We often feel pain when muscles are tight and strained. In TFH we find that the solution lies in correcting the muscles doing the opposite action, which are often found weak. Once balance is regained, tight muscles can relax.

Touch for Health uses light-touch muscle testing to evaluate the strength and balance of muscles. Because muscle strength is lessened by anything that causes stress, muscle testing can also be used to evaluate food sensitivities, emotions, exercises and any life situation affecting your well being.



In a TFH session the practitioner performs a series of muscle tests (14 to 42), to assess your entire body, its energy and functions both external ( muscles) and internal ( organs...). A weak muscle will be strengthened using a combination of massage points, acupressure holding points, muscular release, and energy work.

This process improves posture and balance, reduces stressful patterns, and gives you more energy and vitality. Physical aches and pains often clear up and you are able to move freely.

Touch for Health practitioners combine muscle-strengthening and balancing with emotional stress release and nutritional testing. This brings your body into balance on many levels, increases your overall health and protects you from disease and illness.

Muscle testing gives specific information about your body. Touch for Health treats you as an individual, and every session is different. TFH practitioners trust your body's innate knowledge of what you need, and work with you to achieve your goals.



N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

Applied Kinesiology uses techniques not only to balance the physical body, but also the mental and emotional body. The technique that is used for the mental and emotional body is called N.E.T. neuro-emotional technique.

N.E.T. is muscle testing used to trace, face and erase the conception date of an emotional trauma or pattern from the body which can go all the way back to infancy. Once the time or origin is discovered, the underlying emotion is identified with another muscle test.

This emotion is then linked to energy or meridian pathways in the body that are usually shut down from the emotional trauma. When energy pathways are shut down the body can become imbalanced causing illness, muscle weakness, fatigue, and an unlimited variety of body problems.

Next, the aspect of life (relationship, career, money, love, success, recreation...) is identified through another muscle test. At this point in the therapy process, the patient will begin to have triggered memories of this particular time in their life. It is as if a movie of the trauma begins to replay. The old traumatic emotions that have been locked within the body rise to the surface as the patient re-experiences them in order to release them.

During this memory process, the therapist stimulates or holds specific points on the patients body to release and neutralize the physical manifestation of the trauma and also to stimulate the energy pathways that are shut down from the negative emotions to turn back on. The patient is then able to release the old suppressed or unexpressed emotions such as fear, anger, grief, disappointment, abandonment, resentment...

This experience of tracing, facing, and erasing, the past trauma on a physical, mental, and emotional level, frees the patient from the patterns or behaviors that were developed out of its past emotional origin. Once the origin is erased, then any mental, behavioral and bodily patterns that were evolved out of it unconsciously fall away.

The N.E.T. technique is a powerful process that can last from 10 to 30 minutes, opposed to years of unsuccessful psycho-therapy or analysis. N.E.T. helps one peel away the layers of trauma and imbalances that have accumulate over the years until one is restored to perfect balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

This is one of Janise Anthony's most dramatic and powerful therapies for both physical and mental wellness.

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